Updating Blogs

Blogs can be a double edged sword. When used carefully they can give an insight into the company or person maintaining them and prove interesting reading. If left to ‘rot’ they can give the impression that the company is dormant, closed or not really interested. Of course this isn’t necessarily the reason nothing has been posted for a while. It could quite easily be that they are doing well and just too busy to post updates. With larger companies it could be that the person maintaining it has moved on and not handed over responsibility.

For us it is most definitely a case of ‘too busy’, but whilst that is clearly in some ways a good thing, anyone with a rarely updated blog has to decide whether it makes more sense to stick with a more static site and disable the blog. In the current world of Web 2.0, social networking and microblogging there is significant pressure to keep up with the latest trends and blog, but it should be remembered that poor blogging is worse than no blogging, and when it comes down to it there is no rule that says you have to blog. Having a good quality website with all the relevant information quickly and easily accessible is far more important.

Well, here we have turned a lack of recent blogs into a discussion point to blog about! Now we have to put the effort into sorting out interesting subjects for future posts and practising what we preach, so what else have we been up to that may be of interest?

Well, power saving is one thing, we have been migrating to more efficient server hardware. Setting up a low cost PABX based on standard PC hardware with VOIP is another. How may these be of interest? Saving money with reduced power bills is certainly a current topic. Using standard PC instead of an expensive PABX system may well catch the interest of some, particularly if you combine it with the capability to route calls between sites over your internet connection, the advantages of which should probably be saved for a future post. You are always welcome to give us a call to find out more of course.