I’m sure you are more interested in how and whether we can help you than who we are. You can find a bit of background on us using the links above, but first to give you some idea of whether we can help, and I’m sure we can, here are some typical requirements we deal with.

  • You have an immediate problem that needs fixing
  • You want to find out more about support contracts
  • You are looking to get your office connected to the internet
  • You want to establish an internet presence
  • You would like advice on your existing or future IT requirements
  • You have heard about Linux and/or Open Source and want to know more

We would encourage you to give us a call on: 023 9238 0001, there is, after all, no substitute for a quick chat or more detailed conversation.

/aptanet/ – bringing the capabilities of quality IT infrastructure to small organisations and charities without the usual price tag, but with a plain English explanation of what it all means.